iTech Hackfest is a Hackathon, which provides a platform to bring talented engineering graduates from diverse backgrounds together to collaborate and create innovative solutions to real-world problems. This is a fantastic opportunity for participants to showcase their creativity, technical and people skills. With SAP as the primary sponsor, participants will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, mentors, and judges who will provide them with valuable insights and feedback on their projects. iTech Hackfest provides an excellent opportunity for participants to network and build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals, while creating innovative solutions. The event is designed to be a fun and engaging experience for all participants, with various activities and challenges.

Hackfest 2023 fostered 650 teams with three to five members each. More than 2500 students participated in the three-day coding challenge. The teams formulated problem statements based on the given three themes: “Climate Action,” “Economic Growth and Job Security,” and “Education and Opportunities.” The top ten teams were evaluated based on following metrics: (i)Code and Design, (ii) Innovation and Desirability, (iii) Usability, (iv) Demo and Presentation.

The winners of Hackfest were announced at the valedictory function on August 26, 2023. The team from Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology won the first prize of Rs. 1.5 Lakh, Sri Sairam Institute of Technology secured the second prize of Rs. 1 Lakh and KL University secured the third prize of Rs. 50,000.


  • 1st Prize:

  • Team name: Code Crusade
  • College: Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology

  • Team Members: Shakthi Pranav A, Janika VK, Jefferson Wesley P, Pratika B

  • 2nd Prize:

  • Team Name: Farmlink
  • College: Sri Sairam Institute of Technology

  • Team Members: Jayasuryan N, Vishwath JH, Lathangi E, Rajaveeni S

  • 3rd Prize:

  • Team Name: Kanya Rasi
  • College: KL University

  • Team Members: Kotagiri Hardik Sai, G Yuva Sai, Kolli Arakshi Akash